About Us

It was the summer of 2017, and I went to visit my relatives in Paris for the summer. I had an amazing time exploring the city and discovering these holes in the wall locations and experiences. What we would later come to call hidden gems at FIND.

I would tell my relatives all the places I was discovering, but they were not obvious on maps. In Paris, apartments sit on top of stores and restaurants. You have to go through the most random and obscure streets and stairways to find these great locations.

I came back home to Atlanta and noticed so many people were struggling with the same issue, knowing where to go and what to do for enjoyment. It did not matter the age group or how long someone lived in the city.

They still were struggling to know the best places. It did not make sense to me that we all lived in the same city for decades and still had no clue where to go for fun.

There was no interactive platform that let us share the amazing place and experiences we tell each other through word of mouth and that…was the birth of FIND!