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Share videos and pictures of your favorite locations with your friends! Comment on the ambiance and rate the location so that your friends know what to expect before going.

When it comes time to go out and enjoy yourself, look to the FIND page where you and your added friends will have kept a record of exciting places to visit throughout different cities!


Tap the FIND Maps to see an interactive map uncovering the most unique places within your given city, curated by FIND.

Each gem, presented as pins, can be seen in greater detail by tapping on the pin.

Details will provide images, videos, description of the amazing places right under your nose!


Filter out the best places near you using geolocation by Food, Nightlife, Activities, Date.

Effortlessly find what you are in the mood for and go to the location, wasting no time!


View your friends stories of the fun they are having!

Wait, but it doesn’t stop there! Request your friend’s location to go join the fun before the event is over!